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A Lawyer San Antonio offers, comments on the Manziel case.

The football world was scandalized yet again as Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor this week. This is one of many recent developments that have scarred the football world of the last few years and damaged the persona of sports heroes, to the eyes of adoring fans.

Johnny Manziel has been dubbed as “Johnny Football” and popularly slated as the next best thing in football’s future. His career has been sullied by recent public appearances in which he exhibited drunkenness and above all the famous altercation in 2012, that resulted in his guilty plea. Manziel made several irresponsible decisions following the incident, including failing to appropriately identify himself and being in possession of false identification. The altercation apparently arose from heated conversation, which involved a racial slur and several preliminary shoves. San Antonio lawyers are familiar with the consequences that stem from a combination of heightened emotion and healthy, fit athletes. These altercations are rarely an indication of a person’s permanent personality; a misunderstanding can lead to mistakes, which may lead to legal problems, advise many San Antonio lawyers.

Johnny Football has won the Heisman Trophy and was well on his way to being the most popular football player in history; largely due to his spotlight stealing, and spotlight seeking personality; as well as his affinity for social media. Many have argued that social media has been the game changer for football frenzy and popularity. The at hand and at will technology has bridged the gap between die-hard football fans and those who think the Heisman is a form of CPR. “Social media plays a huge part in many cases these days, with it’s rise in popularity, it was inevitable that it would show up in our court systems,” states Clay Alger, a lawyer San Antonio offers.

Manziel’s recent pre-mature exit from the Manning camp in which he worked was, according to social media, due to illness related to dehydration. However, recent pictures on the internet suggest that he may have instead, been partying, an attribute that many say is classic Johnny Football. The recent guilty plea means that Manziel will deter himself away from further legal troubles, but he will still be under intense scrutiny as he pulls his reputation out of the trenches. Sports fans are mostly standing by the budding 20 year old football star, but others are seeing a case of “too famous, too young and too fast”; all descriptive of the life of Johnny Football.

Regardless, of fame or fortune, misdemeanors such as these can affect a person’s reputation and ability to operate effectively in their financial or personal life. Clay Alger is one of many of our San Antonio lawyers that are familiar with criminal law and the correct way to handle these sensitive subjects, regardless of the situation. If you have a personal charge which you need legal assistance in handling contact our San Antonio office at (210) 503-2800.

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