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A Lawyer Utah trusts can help in Wrongful Termination

Jason Collins, a well-known NBA player, recently announced to the media that he is gay. This is a landmark situation in the face of sports; Collins is now the first openly gay professional athlete. This a move that arrives on the coattails of several other individuals who have come out under the veil of stereotypical professions that exist within a context that is not always known for shedding a positive light on alternative orientations. This is breaking down many barriers and causing the topic of conversation to refocus on sexuality in these environments. Clay A. Alger, a lawyer Utah relies on for civil litigation matters, is very familiar with the personal attacks that clients have presented as potential cases. It’s an emotional issue as much as a civil one, as many lawyers at Salt Lake City law firms can attest. Recently, the affects of bullying at schools have resulted in several successful lawsuits. Similarly, in-office issues resulting from sexual discrimination have become heavily litigated issues. Cases of depression skyrocket for individuals who identify with sexual orientations that are considered taboo. With the strides the country has made, it seems that these orientations still are greeted with controversy and judgment, causing many to feel ousted and unwelcome. This results in controversy and uneasiness, which may present itself in illegal circumstances, especially in the workplace. People are often not eager to pursue these types of cases with a Salt Lake City law firm, says a lawyer Utah that prefers to remain anonymous. Many studies suggest that suicide is a commonality among bisexual, transgendered, gay and lesbian identifiers and the cases for bullying, related to sexuality, has skyrocketed over the past ten years. Collins’ open honesty has since opened the door for other bisexual, gay and lesbian individuals to express their identification in the field of sports. Many have extended this focus to the workplace, even to Salt Lake City law firms. Currently, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (EDNA) is put into place to prevent discrimination of several varieties, including sexual orientation, but even still, it can be a difficult case to prove. This type of discrimination extends to employment opportunity, growth, medical benefits and environment in the workplace itself. It isn’t a situation to be taken lightly. If you feel you have been discriminated against and have a potential case, our Salt Lake City law firm has an attorney who can speak with you. Our consultations are set up effectively to determine the best legal route for you, regardless if you retain with us or not. We are interested in justice for those who deserve it. #Shumwayvan #AttorneyUtah

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