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A Perfect Example of When You Should Call a Salt Lake City Attorney

Daily routines can turn dangerous at any moment. One officer found that out the hard way, as a man fired his high powered gun at the officer on the 8th of March. He definitely knew his way around guns, apparently he was a teacher for some time. He will defiantly need a Salt Lake City attorney to talk to about his case.

Not only was he drinking and driving, but he was on a rampage. The alleged criminal made the decision to drive off on the officer causing a chase which then turned into to him shooting several times at the officer’s vehicle. I would say this guy’s Salt Lake City attorney has her work cut out for her. Extensive damage was cause to the officer’s vehicle. It was lucky that the officer himself wasn’t killed, let alone not even injured. If that had been the case he would also need a Salt Lake City attorney.

According to an article by Geoff Liesik on KSL titled “Driver who shot at deputy is former firearms instructor.”, the search for the man name Dallas Rowley goes on. No one knows the reason why he went out of control. His brother even spoke out and said he had spoken to Dallas recently and thought he was normal (Paragraph 15). I believe even his brother would like for him to have a great Salt Lake City attorney representing him. Who knows, maybe something horrific happened to him that set him off. Although oftentimes such actions are not justifiable, and what Dallas did likely cannot be excused, maybe he could be sympathized with in some way. I am positive that Dallas will need an amazing Salt Lake City attorney to help him out of this mess. I would want the best Salt Lake City attorney that money could buy if I did something crazy and/or illegal.

Later on in the police investigation it was discovered that this is not his first offense. Dallas had been mildly punished for a DUI and an open alcohol beverage in his vehicle leading to him spending a short time incarcerated in his home, as well as being required to perform welfare work and receive advising from a counselor. (Paragraph 20)

This case is probably going to result in something much worse for Dallas. His Salt Lake City attorney will be working hard to help Dallas with the case that is piling up on him.

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