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A San Antonio Attorney can help protect your new construction business.

Any reasonable business owner aims to create a most cost efficient start up plan possible. Recently, many construction businesses have opted to retain lien services to handle the gritty details that often occur at the beginning of the construction process as opposed to the retainment of an experienced San Antonio attorney at a reputable local law firm. The reason behind this is often presumed cost associated with construction lawyers.

Many construction businesses feel that hiring a lien service means that it will obtain the same result for less cost and potential obligation; however, that isn’t always the case. More often than not, lien services end up being more costly when legal documents are not drafted correctly or legal counsel has to be retained when unexpected circumstances arise and the attorney has to spend significant time to get up-to-speed. Because of this, most experienced construction companies utilize construction lawyers and lien services to obtain an optimal overall result without cutting corners.

A construction attorney in San Antonio can provide legal advice, which comes in very handy when environmental laws and other legal obligations become a major road block to a new venture. Qualified San Antonio attorneys can provide legal advice for all aspects of constructional law, whereas a lien service cannot generally offer any legal advice or take the blame if a situation fails to comply with the law. In addition, a construction attorney can provide negotiation and resolution strategy if and when disputes or claims do arise.

Attorneys well versed in the realm of construction law are apt and able to send legal notices when necessary and can pursue resolution processes if any disputes that arise. Construction law, though it deals with brick and mortar, may be more complicated than one may think. The documents surrounding the regulations and rules of construction law vary from state to state and are often more than complicated than a general practitioner attorney is willing to deal with, therefore, it is imperative to retain a construction lawyer familiar with your state’s construction laws if you anticipate doing construction work there. Additionally, these laws evolve and change over time, due to new land, zoning, environmental and other regulations, all of which can affect your business plan, so it is important to consult with a construction lawyer from time-to-time to make sure that your business is compliant.

Don’t leave your construction business in the hands of inexperienced personnel. Contact the San Antonio law firm of Shumway Van at (210) 503-2800 to speak with a construction lawyer. Our construction law attorneys know how to deal with the many and various aspects of construction law and can help keep your new or existing construction business out of the red. Our lawyers always offer free consultations so free to come in at any time to discuss your legal needs or concerns.

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