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A San Antonio attorney can help with unusual real estate issues.

Texas has a reputation for being severe in their judicial system. Thanks to film, and Susan Sarandon’s political work, that theme has been perpetuated. Therefore, with as much grief as the relationship between law enforcement and inmates receives, it’s surprising to many to hear that the two opposing sides are coming together in a lawsuit against Texas prison officials. Apparently, the officers of a prison institution backed the lawsuit of several inmates after fourteen of them perished from issues due to heat exhaustion. Any San Antonio attorney can attest to the fact that this type of comradery is a surprising twist to any legal pursuit.

It’s reported that the heat inside of the working areas reached 130 degrees and for those unlucky inmates, it was simply too much. Both parties are hoping that the state approves new conditions and creates a standard for the facility, that’s more hospitable and safer for inmates and employees alike. Lawyers in San Antonio note that several factors will play into this lawsuit.

Texas, especially western areas, received hotter than usual temperatures this year which cultivated in several health issues. Cooling shelters were set up for the elderly and for the homeless but unfortunately several heat strokes did occur. This unbearable heat was not entirely common for this time, which may be a reason that prison officials are hesitant about revamping an entire facility such as this. Obviously, cost is an issue, a new air filtration and cooling system is estimated to warrant close to $50 million. Perhaps they hope that a more regulated temperature will come about for next year after they make it through the winter.

While plans have not been made in this case, it does strike a tone with many facilities about their standards, especially those in the services industry, say many lawyers in San Antonio. To schedule a free thirty-minute consultation with an apt attorney in our San Antonio law firm, contact (210) 503-2800. Real estate can be a confusing subject, therefore, it’s always important to seek timely legal guidance when you have experienced a similar situation.

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