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A San Antonio attorney can mend the distance when it comes to injury.

When people consider where they would like to have their children grow up and where they would like to spend their retirement, the term “urban” rarely makes an appearance in their decision. Most opt for the rural areas with land, fresh air and Internet access. There are several reasons why people choose this location and the major reason is safety. People often associate urban areas with danger, risk and sickness. While that may be true on a cultural and media related degree, it isn’t true technically and on paper as most any San Antonio attorney knows.

Recent reports indicate that rural areas may have more danger as opposed to urban areas. Anyone who has tried to navigate a downtown street in 5 o’clock traffic may consider that trek the most dangerous vehicular excursion; surprisingly, rural areas see more traffic related deaths than cities. This is an ironic twist to the common fact that cities are much more populated than rural areas. The second reasoning for rural danger is not so surprising to the average hunter; guns. Guns are much more prevalent in rural areas due to a higher reliance on personal safety and hunting.

Obviously this study is greatly affected by economical differences. Although, Restoration Hardware may have us believe that all rural areas have sprawling landscapes with up to date farmhouses with vinyl siding made from angel’s wings; it’s simply not so. Most accidents are the result of cars, which means time and adequate equipment is of utmost importance and most urban areas exist in the poverty realm of the U.S. economy. This means that, not only is medical care further away, it’s also not as up to date. In a state as large as Texas many lawyers in San Antonio are aware of this trend.

As a law firm, we understand that legal issues arising from unforeseen accidents are not localized in one area. Our team of San Antonio lawyers is committed to offering the same services across the board and to our furthest potential clients. Therefore, we offer phone consultations to those who are unable to travel. These consultations remain confidential and free. They can be set up by calling (210) 503-2800 at which we can schedule a time that is convenient for you.

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