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A San Antonio Attorney looks at the Carter case.

Over the years social threats have reached a level of severity in the judicial system that they had not previously reached. Many attribute the judicial system’s sternness as a direct affect of the public’s desire for more protection against mentally unstable and physically dangerous individuals. “Social media has made a bigger platform for people to foul up, whether it’s intentional or not,” says Robert Spjute, and many other attorneys in San Antonio agree. Following incidents such as Columbine and the Aurora killings, school officials and parents are more aware than ever of the dangers that can stem from uninvestigated circumstances.

A San Antonio attorney is very familiar with the circumstances surrounding Justin Carter, a 19-year-old inmate at a local prison. Carter currently has a $500,000 bond; a bond which many feel is much too high for his crime. Carter made the mistake of sarcastically, though sarcastically is still up for debate, commenting on an on-line gaming forum. These forums usually have very coarse language and themes, however Carter’s comments which involved the harming of kindergartners, disturbed others a little too much.

Now, Carter is facing some even tougher issues behind bars; he is being beaten daily and has resorted to a depression that is affecting his communication and ability to function behind bars. His family has not released all the details but many share their empathies with Carter and a petition has been started to reduce the bail amount. Any lawyer in San Antonio has been aware of the story and most are shocked at the amount the bail is set at; as Carter’s own lawyer has mentioned, it is a high number even for a convicted murderer. For now Carter remains behind bars and the future is yet to be seen for him, regardless of a successful petition.

Shumway Van and Hansen has a San Antonio attorney familiar with these types of cases and regardless of a guilty or innocent plea, can help in deterring unnecessary situations. If you have a similar criminal situation and need assistance contact our office at (210) 503-2800, to speak with a lawyer in San Antonio who can help.

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