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"Advance Directives Help Ease Minds," Salt Lake City Lawyers Say

Utah law firms and Salt Lake City lawyers are not the only ones urging people to fill out Utah’s Advance Health Care Directive form; there are also doctors and lots of medical staff. After a recent trip to the doctor’s office, I even noticed a flyer reminding patients to fill out an Advance Directive posted on the wall.

At routine doctors check-ups, you have probably been asked if you have filled out an Advance Directive. Can you answer in the affirmative that you have a current Advance Directive filled out and on file? Utah law firms want to encourage you to make sure you have a current Advance Directive in place.

Utah’s Advance Health Care Directive, like many states, combines a living will and a health care power of attorney. In the living will portion, you state your health care wishes. In the health care power of attorney portion, you can name an agent and give that agent power to make health care choices for you. Advance Directives help guide family members or medical personnel if you can no longer voice your own health care opinions.

Anyone can and should fill out an Advance Directive, Salt Lake City lawyers say. You never know if you will be in an accident or have complications with a routine surgery. You need to make your health care wishes known, and an Advance Directive can help you do that.

Advance Directives should be kept up to date with your current wishes. If you filled an Advance Directive out many years ago, you should review it to make sure it still reflects your current wishes. There are changes in medical technology and family and life situations that may change your mind on certain issues.

A lawyer can help you discuss your end of life wishes in your Advance Directive and can also help with your other estate planning needs. You may question whether you need the advice of an attorney if you do not have much of an estate. But attorneys do much more than just financial planning; they can also help you set up your wishes for your care if you no longer have the capacity to care for yourself.

Utah law firms want you to be prepared, because preparation can ease your mind and your family’s mind when the questions regarding your health care issues arise. Don’t put these important health care decisions off any longer. Make filling out your Advance Directive a priority today.

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