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An Attorney in Las Vegas Looks at Alimony Change

Alimony is changing in the U.S. It was once commonplace that a woman should receive alimony, a hefty one most likely, from her ex-husband. Now, marriage factors are changing. Though women still earn a bit less than men, they are becoming the primary breadwinners for many homes; a trend in which many attorneys in Las Vegas are familiar. The term “Mr. Mom” has resonated in our culture through television, movies and an unfortunate 2013 country song. Many families are rearranging and finding prehistoric notions of the stay at home mom, a bit outdated. “Although there may not be full equality,” states our Las Vegas divorce attorney, “women are finding a wider range of opportunity and expanding their skills; sometimes the job available is fitting for the wife and not the husband.”

Daycare costs play a significant role in the “at home dad decision”. Depending on a certain area, quality of prestige and the amount of children, many families can expect daycare fees to add up to almost a third of the household income. This forces many families to renegotiate a dual-income, and dual full-time, home.

This has undeniably made a shift in the way alimony and divorce takes shape in America. The courts are examining all aspects of the livelihood of each ex and deciding, that if alimony is allocated, who should be paying it? Many couples opt for educational support, meaning that one takes care of the other while the other furthers his or her education and skill level; hoping that in the end they will both have a higher income in the household. No one ever sees divorce in the beginning, therefore many are stuck in quite a predicament when papers are filed and one is left without the skillset needed to survive in the ever-evolving job market.

As far as alimony goes, many women are welcoming this change but hoping that it’s boundaries level out. One aspect of divorce that isn’t changing is the role of the mother as guardian and primary caregiver, according to any Las Vegas divorce attorney. A full-time mother who is also a full-time employee may see alimony as a thorn in the side and not exactly a fair playing field. However, most states do not allow permanent alimony; opting instead to order alimony payments up to the amount of time the couple were legally married; which for many, may be up to fifteen years.

Lawyers in Las Vegas Nevada are eager to see how women’s quest for equality in the workforce will drift into divorce reform. If you have an impending divorce, or need to know and understand your legal options, feel free to contact our office, at 702) 478-7770 for a free consultation. Divorce can be an emotional subject and demands an attorney in Las Vegas that is detailed and dedicated to giving you the most up to date counsel possible.

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