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An attorney in Salt Lake City notes the many school related legalities

With school just around the corner many parents are focusing on ways to help their children adapt and become accustomed to the new routine. Children with special needs also need to adjust to these routines, which sometimes proves more difficult, no matter how many provisions or care are taken by the school. Any attorney in Salt Lake City is familiar with the random complications that may arise between a teacher and students. Parents have a natural inclination to defend their child and the news as of late, has given the public a stark realization that school is not exempt from legal complications. This is true in even the most innocent of confrontations.

A teacher in Ohio is pleading with the school board to make arrangements that would allow her to avoid the pet dander from an autistic first grader’s dog. It’s not uncommon for those with special needs or disabilities to employ service dogs to help them with basic activities. However, the fact that the teacher can’t go about her normal activities because of those allergies is causing quite a situation. The mother of the autistic child is countering the claim in hopes that her daughter will not have to be moved to a different school. It’s obviously a tricky case according to several Utah lawyers. And certain things will have to be established, but it’s evident that the child needs the dog on school grounds. While many are suggesting that the child be moved to another classroom, it’s just not possible due to the fact that the teacher that can’t speak for sneezing is the school’s primary special-education teacher. This limits many options that might not be limited otherwise.

For now the daughter will remain as a homeschooled student until the legal decision is made. This may take some time, seeing how both parties have certain rights that must be legally represented and taken into account. Every attorney in Salt Lake City would advise that this type of occurrence can be difficult and therefore, advice from experience counsel is recommended. If you have a similar situation regarding your child’s education contact our office at 801.478.8080, to have a free consultation with an apt attorney in our Salt Lake City law firm.

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