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An attorney in San Antonio can assist with medical lawsuits.

Our nation is one that depends heavily on, and greatly respects, the doctors and medical facilities that provide us with care. However, recent news stories have been rather disheartening to the average patient. Among the plethora of medical stories, includes a doctor who falsified surgeries in order to receive cash, a team of surgeons who placed a mustache on a sleeping patient and a doctor who harassed his patients. Unfortunately the trend has only continued in the state of Texas. A Dallas doctor has been charged with incorrectly performing surgeries. In fact, he went dangerously above and beyond the necessary routine, when he implanted unneeded medical objects. Any attorney in San Antonio notes that medical cases can be complicated especially in a unique situation as this.

While these objects, named as stents in the reports, didn’t necessarily harm any patients, the potential for harm was there. For now, the doctor’s license has not been suspended but he will face several ethics classes and a fine. Fortunately, it was a hospital employee who brought up concerns over the doctors procedures. According to several lawyers San Antonio offers, inferiority in the workplace causes many people to look the other way, but speaking up when something seems wrong a key step in helping a bad situation. Reports have also indicated that the doctor may not have had the proper certification, which resulted in his previous dismissal at another hospital.

It’s highly important to speak up when you feel that something may not be right and although these cases have been prevalent as of late, the main reason they have come to light is because someone said something. As a law firm we understand that your health is a very important and emotional matter and when that is affected it can mean the loss of more things than just trust. If you have a situation that you feel warrants legal counsel, please contact an apt attorney San Antonio can trust, so that we can sit down with you in a free consultation and discuss your options. We are eager to schedule a convenient time for you; just call (210) 503-2800.

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