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An attorney in San Antonio can help you keep your celebrity status.

Media and entertainment law was once the outskirt nomad of the law. Being an “entertainment lawyer” was a lucrative legal role to play but not a highly popular one for a variety of reasons. However, with the rapidly growing realm of social media with outlets such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, media law has become a hot topic that shows no signs of falling away in the near future. An attorney in San Antonio will tell you that ending up on the wrong side of an entertainment law case can be as simple as uttering a phrase. Having at hand laptops and smartphones makes committing offenses to rights and interests of celebrities and their handlers much more common than ten years ago.

Instances of libel have increased over the past ten years and are mostly common caused through the popular site known as Twitter. Immediate availability to relay information quickly has led to acts of immense ridiculousness which can become a virtual nightmare through social media sites. Law has kept up with these new technological developments better than with other emerging areas and San Antonio attorneys at San Antonio law firms are finding their celebrity client’s needs are becoming more and more tech related (or caused).

Many people seem to believe that something that exists online can be quickly deleted if inappropriate or libelous; however, the effects often last long after the red “delete” button is pushed. Additionally, for companies looking to advertise through mass media sites, it is important to remember that what is printed virtually must be accurate and true. A tweet, Facebook post or published online article should be treated with the same importance, verification and fact checking that a published newspaper article or published newsletter would receive. This prudent behavior can help keep you and your business out of hot water.

Avoiding common mistakes and being prepared to back up the information you print virtually is key to maintaining a respectable and positive reputation with your clients and potential clients. The San Antonio attorneys at the law firm of Shumway Van keep up with the ever-changing entertainment-related laws that are finding their way into our mainstream lives. If and when your company or you as an individual face an entertainment law situation, know that our San Antonio attorneys are on stand by to analyze to your situation and accurately assess how we can help.

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