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An attorney San Antonio offers notes police are subject to law.

There have been multiple stories over the past year detailing the wayward actions taken by some cops. Some officers have been cited for these actions or have lost their jobs after their actions were deemed unethical or unprofessional. While we are aware that as with every profession, there are bad employees and there are good employees, the fact that cops are sometimes the subjects of these debates is a disheartening one. Police officers undergo a dangerous occupation everyday, and it’s easy to criticize a mass for something that a few individuals may do.

However, regardless of their actions as individuals, as a whole the police community should be respected. Although, as with any unethical behavior, police officers are still subject to the same law that they protect and uphold notes any attorney San Antonio offers. Respecting a person in a certain position should never make an individual prey to an unethical request or action that could threaten their well-being or health. When individuals find themselves in these types of situations they tend to think that they are at a loss in their ability to seek damages and distress. Attorneys in San Antonio note that that shouldn’t be the case.

Recently, in Texas, the Texas Department of Public Safety was sued by two individuals who were the receivers of a very thorough cavity search. The searches occurred during a routine traffic stop on a local highway, where drug paraphernalia was discovered. What has brought the situation much scrutiny is the conversation that occurred and was caught on the audio between the officers. Additionally, it was discovered that the same pair of gloves were used on both individuals. The women have filed a suit since. One of the female officers was fired following the incident and another was put on leave. It’s obviously a sensitive case and will no doubt be put through a thorough investigation.

Attorneys in San Antonio note, however, as stated, that police officers are subject to the same laws and ethical legal standards as an average citizen. If you have experienced what you feel may have been a violation of rights, it’s important to speak with an attorney San Antonio TX can trust, and who can answer your questions. Free consultations can be set up at your convenience in our law firm in order to allow you to decide free of charge whether you would like to pursue your case with us.

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