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An attorney Utah can rely on is making her mark on law.

Margaret Mead was once quoted as saying, “I do not believe in using women in combat, because females are too fierce.” More and more law firms seem to be adhering to that notion and employing increased amounts of females in high-ranking legal positions. The attorney Utah depends on for their legal need is increasingly becoming more likely to be a female. Currently, the Salt Lake City Utah law firm of Shumway Van & Hansen houses many female attorneys and general employees. Kristina Otterstrom, is a senior associate with the firm and although being highly familiar with the trials females see in the legal world, doesn’t see those same trials as a Salt Lake City Utah lawyer. “I have been afforded great opportunities to manage people and utilize my strengths at Shumway Van & Hansen,” Kristina says, adding, “I have never felt like my gender has been an issue or hindrance.” Sadly, this statement could not have been mentioned so easily in a Salt Lake City Utah law firm of the past.

As of now almost half of all law students are female and close to half of all first and second year associates are female. However, though the average Salt Lake City Utah law firm is employing more female attorneys, they still remain an unequaled quantity against male attorneys in the U.S., with only around thirty percent of lawyers being female. There are many reasons for this dramatic numerical drop from law school to potential partnership or senior associate status. Obviously, the main reason for the drop usually becomes family. Kristina Otterstrom is a female attorney Utah residents are very familiar with, and her practice branches out to many types of law. While she is often the only female in certain legal situations, the stigma attached seems to be decreasing and her status as a “female lawyer” is becoming an objective status as simply a “lawyer”. As stated, there are several pinpointed reasons why a female attorney may choose to diverge from pursuance of her career. Every Salt Lake City Utah lawyer who is female has perhaps encountered the idea that as a mother their practice may change. Obviously, women are a necessary component to family growth, which means that, at the presumed age of procreation; women are often no longer an equal bread winner and instead opt for stay at home duties. This can be a stereotype in itself and many argue that males are now taking on the assumed female roles in the home.

Regardless of how the trend shapes up in the future, the truth remains that females are making a greater mark on law than ever before. Recently our Salt Lake City Utah law firm published a short article on the role women have played in the prosecution and legal education of white collar crime. White collar crime tends to be the most complicated and litigated division of law according to any attorney Utah residents have employed for complex litigation issues. It’s difficult to prosecute and it’s harder to prove and women are increasingly becoming the organizers and attorneys devoting time to these particular cases. Thankfully, past notions have subsided and women are no longer pigeonholed by what many may assume would be their niche, such as family law.

Shumway Van’s staff is excited about the roles women have taken on and will continue to take on in the legal world. If you are looking for a Salt Lake City Utah lawyer that is not interested in gender stereotypes, and is very interested in helping you with your legal objective, then you have found the right law firm. If you have a need for an attorney, contact our Salt Lake City office at (801) 478-8080 for a free consultation with an attorney Utah can depend on.

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