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An Attorney Utah Relies on Looks at the Zimmerman Trial

Jury selections have commenced and concluded in the George Zimmerman trial this past week and many have been surprised that an all female jury has been selected. This is an unusual coincidence but due to the personal variations in each juror, their gender makes little difference, advises Clay Alger an attorney Utah looks to for legal advice. The reactions to this news have run the gamut of emotion and logic. Many are stating that this will result in a more sensitive jury, but whom the sensitivity will be given too is up for debate. Attorneys are allowed to conjure up their own questions for each potential jury member and the answers lead to the decisions of which jurors to put on the selection for the trial. An attorney in Salt Lake City knows that this process is calculated and thorough and is a decision that should be objective.

This is not the first overly analyzed part of the Zimmerman trial. The conservative and liberal media are finding several sides to this story and the inconsistencies of Zimmerman; and speculating about the inconsistencies that the victim, Treyvon Martin, unfortunately, cannot audibly rebuttal. This is a unique case since many are fighting on the side of the deceased and others are defending the living accused says a Salt Lake City attorney. If convicted Zimmerman could face life in prison, a type of case and conclusion that Attorney Clay Alger is familiar with defending and pursuing. It’s no surprise to an attorney Utah trusts that this issue has resulted in a heavy onslaught of racial identification. Utah does not register high on the diversity meter but the perceptions of race within this trial vary from several areas of the country. Many identify Zimmerman as a white male, although he himself identifies as a Latino. This is a common theme in media and social constructs, as our natural inclinations as humans are to classify and diversify in order to arrange a calculated separation. It helps in understanding and it helps in order, but it doesn’t help in the legal world, advises any attorney in Salt Lake City.

A Salt Lake City attorney is quick to point out that race is an irrelevant theme in the workplace. And the presence of race in the workplace, in a derogatory sense, is illegal. While justice is blind, unfortunately individuals aren’t. An attorney in Salt Lake City and the average Utahn will no doubt sense and see the effects of race in this ongoing trial, that has results that cannot currently be determined. This is a situation that has gained media attention for several reasons, however the criminality involved is unfortunately not an uncommon element in the United States. Amidst the heated debates and questions of crime and apt punishment, justice is embroiled in a rather gray area. An attorney Utah can rely on to sort through the gray matter is just a call away. If you are in need of a criminal lawyer, Attorney Clay Alger can be contacted at 801.478.8080. These are not situations to be taken lightly and immediate counsel is recommended.

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