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An attorney Utah trusts notes unusual work suits

Following several new patent and work-related laws, companies and businesses are much more protected than they were in the last ten years, say many Utah lawyers. Fortunately, this means that individual owners and new businesses have more freedom to focus on the ins and outs of business and growing their company without the increasingly prominent scams that may be attributed to their business. However, with this new policy more businesses may feel at liberty to take advantages that may step on the civil rights lines. More unique situations may arise from fellow employees however; at least in a most recent case.

Recently a man in Houston filed suit against his former place of work. He stated that fellow employees made his workspace inhospitable, purposefully. The inhospitable actions they took against the gentleman included shooting him with a Taser gun. According to the gentleman, these were often sneak attacks, which were recorded and placed publicly on YouTube. The videos have since been removed, and many are assuming the evidence within them will help him win the case. The owner of the company has assured everyone that a thorough investigation will be set into motion. However, the manager of the place of employment states that the accusations are exaggerated and in some instances falsified.

This is undoubtedly an unusual case made even stranger by the fact that the employee filing suit was let go prior to filing. Why he was removed from his position is still undetermined. While most work-related incidents involve accidents and wrongful termination, any attorney Utah offers would be eager to see how this lawsuit will play out in the legal realm. Clay Alger a Utah attorney notes however, that all individuals have the right to a safe workplace legally. If you have a legal inquiry related to your place of employment, contact our attorneys at Shumway Van to schedule a free thirty-minute consultation at your convenience.

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