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Attorneys in Las Vegas Comment on Social Media Linked Terminations

There have been a sundry of social media related legal proceedings over the last few years, as sites such as twitter and Facebook continue to steal the media show. These sites allow you to connect, inform and engage with people you never thought you would see again, never thought you’d meet, or sometimes hoped you’d never encounter. Many companies are using these sites as a welcome boost into their business; however, many employers are seeing the trend as more of a threat than a benefit. Social media has been a game changer in several realms, which means it ultimately affects the laws surrounding those realms, a trend that many attorneys in Las Vegas have seen increase recently.

The laws surrounding personal page privacy have been stretched more than Jersey Shore taffy, therefore employers and employees are left struggling for a definitive answer as to what is and is not allowed. “It’s hard to determine these types of laws, because you have to be careful not to infringe on basic rights of employees,” advises Michael Van, a lawyer Las Vegas often seeks for legal counsel. Basically, many are labeling the Facebook and social sites as the new “water cooler”. What was once discussed between workers in order to improve working conditions and better overall moral is now being formatted onto these sites. That’s why several firings have been labeled unlawful and employees are no longer fearing the pressure to recant.

While it’s always wise not to discuss sensitive matters regarding the workplace with strangers over a wide platform, many are using these media outlets as a way to rally and or discuss improvement, which is in many senses protected as a legal right of employees. Some employers are appalled at the recent laws protecting wayward workers. They view it as a throwback to “The Jungle” and a possible insult that their employees are being protected under laws that were implemented for a national situation that was vastly different from the modern day’s.

These social media laws will no doubt still remain a swaying and fluid set of matters, however, before employees unleash their keyboard freedom, any lawyer in Las Vegas Nevada will point out that these issues are not always black and white, and it is best to err on the side of caution. If you feel you have a similar situation and are unsure whether your personal rights have been illegally infringed on, contact our team of attorneys in Las Vegas at (702) 478-7770. As stated, erring on caution is the best bet, but in the event of a termination it is always wise to consult with a lawyer Las Vegas offers, who is familiar and accustomed to this type of legal pursuit.

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