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Attorneys in Las Vegas Joking After Judge Holds Himself in Contempt of Court When His Cell Phone Ran

If it can happen to a judge, it could happen to you. Attorneys in Las Vegas remind each other and anyone else attending court to not let your cell phone go off in the courtroom. Courtroom procedures require attention and quiet, something that cell phones often disturb. Many courts have requirements that cell phones be turned off or not used during court proceedings.

Attorneys in Las Vegas advise turning off your cell phone before entering the courtroom. If your phone goes off in court, you could be held in contempt and have to pay a fine. That is just what happened for a judge in Michigan after his cell phone rang during closing arguments of a domestic violence trial.

Chief Ionia District Judge Raymond Voet said he recently got a new phone and did not lock it correctly before the trial began. After his cell phone rang, he held himself in contempt and during a court recess paid the $25 fine he requires of other cell phone offenders.

Ironically, Judge Voet is serious about cell phones in his courtroom and he even has a sign posted outside his courtroom warning that individuals will have to pay a $25 fine and could lose their phones if they go off during a hearing.

Courtroom standards in Las Vegas require that all beepers, cell phones, and electronic devices must be turned off before entering the courtroom. Additionally, attorneys in Las Vegas remind that proper courtroom attire and behavior are required and that there is no eating, drinking, or chewing gum allowed in the courtroom.

To review all the courtroom standards, visit the Clark County Courts’ court security and decorum website. If you have been held in contempt or need additional help understanding the courtroom rules, contact lawyers Las Vegas residents can rely on for help.

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