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Attorneys in Las Vegas Look at Famous Infringement

The reputation of music was once sullied by gang violence of the 90’s, which led into the rock and roll name-calling ten years later, which then led to accusations and difference of opinion regarding pirating of licensed music. The moral of this trio remains, that the world of music is never dull, says lawyers in Las Vegas Nevada. With the amount of tunes that are available at a click, copyright issues and trademark complaints are more prominent than ever. Additionally, branding has become increasingly popular, as music has begun transcending into product and film marketing. Pharell Williams, a popular songwriter and rapper, who has gained immense popularity in the past few years, is going up against a music-marketing veteran, Will.I.Am. You would think that the dispute would be about the similarity between their surname and known name, William (give or take the variation). However, has made accusations and legal moves to prevent Pharrell from infringing on his trademark “I AM”.

Pharell is currently requesting legal documentation that there is no infringement with his “I AM OTHER” brand. This might leave the untrained eye confused; the major problems stems from the fact that “I AM” is used for several charitable events and brand recognition. According to Mike Van, a lawyer Las Vegas offers, worry from copyright issues is similar to a nickname, you may start our with a full name but someone eventually will give it a social skew. With the similarity and Americans’ fascination with shortening everything, there is a possibility that the two may become synonymous in people’s minds. Not the minds of modern music fanatics, mind you, but the unfamiliar fans of 80’s glam rock and Gospel’s greatest hits.

So far has not commented and not just because the newspaper editing programs don’t easily read his name. Mike Van, one of our attorneys in Las Vegas is familiar with these high profile legal situations, states that lack of commenting doesn’t necessarily indicate anything other than that a legal group is working diligently to prove their case; especially since they have previously expressed that they don’t plan to sue.

Lawyers in Las Vegas, Nevada are familiar with the trademark world since the city remains a hub of culture and commerce in the U.S. If you are a business owner who needs assistance filing your requests for trademark of copyright, or righting the wrong of infringement contact our office at (702) 478-7770, to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys in our Las Vegas office.

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