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Attorneys in Las Vegas Look at the Most Recent School Brawl

When most avid news watchers hear the term “student teacher relationships”, taboo and sexual connotations come to mind. If the term is not of a romantic nature, it’s usually regarding bullying, a legal subject which many of our attorneys in Las Vegas have defended. Bullying has been an epidemic in our nation as of late, with the advance of social media, and teacher’s being supported or criticized for the help or lack of help they give. Teachers often feel as if their hands are tied and students feel just as helpless. However, when the teacher student relationship is a violent one, which involves two grown adults, who is to blame?

As the nation’s violence meter seeks the tip-top of the scale, it seems that anger and aggression are seeping into the most unlikely of places, colleges. A teacher at a college in California has been charged with violence against a grown female student. Apparently, according to the female and the police report, the female student was injured and slammed to the ground. The police report indicates that a minor spat developed between the two when the female student shouted obscenities at the teacher because he was “being rude”. After her outburst, she was pinned against a wall and then picked up mid air and thrown to the ground by the instructor. The police report states that several other students had to ultimately help her by removing the teacher off of her. The teacher appeared in court in June to dispute the charges and state his side of the story that in fact the student started the dispute by “lashing out”. So far the student seems to have the most support on the issue, although the teacher has not been fired, just put on paid administrative leave for now. It can be indicative of the school’s feelings on the matter state lawyers in Las Vegas NV, but what the court decides may be entirely different.

Cases such as these develop unwanted attention because the focus is on the dramatic and surprising aspects. At the core of the situation however, are two people, with very difficult legal roads ahead unless they retain adequate counsel of an experienced lawyer Las Vegas can provide. A legal altercation does not have to define your life, if you have a legal situation that you are unsure how to handle contact our firm at (702) 478-7770 for a free consultation. Our attorneys in Las Vegas have successfully pursued these types of cases and our firm is not one to shy away from the hard legal decisions.

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