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Attorneys in Las Vegas Note That Sport Injuries Aren’t Just on Field

It’s no real shocker to many that sports games are often the background to heated arguments and occasional violence. Sports fan are dedicated and players often allow their intensity in the game to make it’s way off the field. People become emotional which contrasts with the added security that many sports arenas now have. Attorneys in Las Vegas say these added measures are made to protect people but as with any enforcement, they themselves may be subject to accusation.

This is exactly what happened at a New England Patriots game recently. A man suffered a heart attack, which sadly took his life. His widow now states that the heart attack was stirred by an unnecessary confrontation with a security guard. The security guard questioned the man’s son on his permission to enter onto the field, which was a move that had been formerly arranged by NFL officials. The confrontation became heated and ended with the man going to back to his seat where he became unresponsive and taken to a hospital, which quickly pronounced him, dead. In the lawsuit, damages are being sought, along with financial reparations that will take place for the deceased’s lost role in the family. Any lawyer in Las Vegas would say this is a common theme in lawsuits such as these. According to Michael Van, one of the lawyers Las Vegas most commonly seeks for these types of cases, these amounts are not necessarily meant to seem as greed, it’s merely a way for a family who has lost a key provider to maintain a quality of life that is now gone.

Of course, an investigation will go into the exact manner. As of now the Patriot’s are exhibiting signs of sorrow and utmost respect for the recently deceased fan and his widowed wife and their six-year-old son. It’s a tragic tale of what can go wrong even in the most routine of situations. If you have encountered a similar situation, attorneys in Las Vegas know that issues such as these are sensitive and therefore should be handled with the care it deserves. If you need to speak with a lawyer in Las Vegas, contact our office for a free consultation, an option we offer to ensure that you are first confident in our firm before we are retained. We are familiar with the circumstances surrounding this legal issue and would welcome the chance to help you in your time of need.

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