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Attorneys in Las Vegas Recognize Divorce Derailments

Divorce is hardest on the kids; that is the line that is fed to any divorcee during separating proceedings. And regardless if it is true or not, it’s important for parents to remember that taking care of your own personal health during this time is just as crucial for your child’s or children’s benefit. There’s a tendency to focus on hurt rather than healing says many family therapists. A trend that many attorneys in Las Vegas are familiar with. According to, there a several surprising factors that many are unaware of until they face them during an actual divorce, including the concept of winning and losing. According to many studies, parents who are separating tend to focus on the proceeding as a competition and each wants to avoid ending up a “failure”. Michael C. Van, a Las Vegas attorney understands this feeling, especially when relationships with children and a shared life, suddenly gets decided upon by a judge and a mediator. It’s important not to let those feelings overtake you and understanding that it’s a process in which no individual is essentially winning. Divorce lawyers in Las Vegas at our law firm know how to negotiate and handle the sensitive matters involved in divorce proceedings and while they may not be licensed therapists, their ability to handle the intense and confusing legal matters can certainly relieve the mental strain and anguish that accompanies the process.

Many attorneys in Las Vegas, see a trend develop during divorce proceedings, where separate parties begin acting in a hasty fashion that is not representative of their usual behavior. Lawyers in Las Vegas can help guide individuals during the process to ensure that they are aware of the benefits and the setbacks possible from each legal route during their divorce. Retaining a Las Vegas attorney that has experience and familiarity with the community, and recommendations for additional licensed therapist is a great tool during a divorce. Therapists suggest that divorces can almost be treated in a similar fashion as a death; a long drawn out death. Individuals rarely give themselves time to mourn the loss of their marriage and deal with the sorrow left in its demise. In a time where professionals and parents are constantly in motion, due to taking care of the needs of children or their career, it can be easy to overlook the mental benefits of taking a breather, say many divorce lawyers.

Most importantly, it’s essential to remember that your divorce is exactly that, yours; it is not anyone else’s divorce, suggest many divorce lawyers in Las Vegas. Often times, the advice from others reverberates and affects the decisions one makes in their own separation. This can be debilitating; divorces are not like models of cars, where each has a calculated and mechanical routine for operation. Divorces can be unexpected and the proceedings can hold unexpected circumstances, say attorneys in Las Vegas. While no individual wishes to one day seek a divorce attorney, it’s important to retain one with a positive reputation when you do. A Las Vegas attorney at Shumway Van and Hansen, is familiar with divorce proceedings and calmly aware of the setbacks, both emotional and legal, that can accompany them. That’s why our office offers free consultations in which our attorneys in Las Vegas can hear your particular situation. Contact our office at (702) 478-7770.

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