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Attorneys in Utah Can Help With a Speedy Divorce: Kardashian and Humphries Legal Proceeding Still Go

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries split after just 72 days of marriage, but legally the August 2011 marriage and October 2011 break up is still not official, and may not be until later next year. Ironically, they have been going through the divorce process longer than they were actually married.

Do not let your divorce proceedings drag on as long as Kardashian and Humphries, lawyers in Utah can help you quickly reach a divorce settlement or finalize your divorce.

Kardashian filed for divorce October 31 after a well-publicized wedding. Humphries countered by filing for an annulment on the basis of fraud. Humphries alleges that the bride had no intention of proceeding with the marriage and that it was only for her show and to make money.

Kardashian’s attorney says they are tired of the delays, but Humphries’s lawyer blames Kardashian’s attorney for the delays by not producing the documents that were requested. Find attorneys in Utah that will fight for you during your divorce.

For more information on the Kardashian-Humphries legal proceedings go to,0,5752853.story. If you need help with your divorce or annulment, attorneys in Utah can help you through the process.

Lawyers in Utah at Shumway Van & Hansen always offers free consultations and often times can schedule an appointment within 24 hours. For more information please continue to utilize, call us at (801) 478-8080 or stop by our Salt Lake City office which is located at 8 East Broadway #550, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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