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Attorneys San Antonio trusts can assist in Personal Injury Oddities.

Personal injury cases require an experienced attorney to deal with the legal issues surrounding such legal pursuits. Attorneys San Antonio trusts note that these types of legal pursuits can become confusing and trying for the average victim. They can also carry with them a variety of different issues; especially statutes of limitations. This can be a confusing concept for many. Sometimes, victims may see the results of injuries or incidents affect their lives negatively, years after an incident has occurred. This leaves many assuming that they no longer hold the right or opportunity to pursue a case in hopes of retrieving what they lost. That isn’t always the case as any San Antonio lawyers can attest to.

A former student of a high school in the state of New Jersey is suing officials and administrators of his former school, five years following the incident. While this is certainly a lengthy amount of time, it’s important to note that these situations often have differing rules in each state. Due to the man’s birthday and the age in which he suffered the injuries of the incident, he may still be able to fully and successfully pursue his case. Attorney note that statutes of limitations are put into place for various reasons and are meant to protect and promote justice and reduce the unfairness that may be presented based on stale or falsified personal injury claims. That’s why lawyers in San Antonio TX note that as soon as one is aware that an injury has occurred it’s important to begin the process of regaining what was lost.

In the case regarding the former student, he suffered injuries when his shirt became entangled in a saw in the shop area of the school. According to the individual, proper safety precautions were not put into place, which means in his opinion that the school did not do their part in protecting the students. So far the requests of the individual and what he is asking in the settlement has not been made public.

If you have a personal injury situation, it’s important to speak with an a San Antonio lawyer to ensure that you know your rights in regards to protecting yourself and regaining what you have lost. If you would like to set up a free consultation with attorneys San Antonio can trust contact Shumway Van at (210) 503-2800.

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