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Avoid Naked-esque debacle with a lawyer in San Antonio.

Most people associate class action lawsuits or personal injury cases as being the result of a dishonest and or irresponsible company; the kind of company that preys on the weak and feeds on the trusting innocence of patrons. Of course the law should right the wrongs done by these companies and with the right attorney that can happen. However, lawyers in San Antonio want to remind everyone that the companies who can come under such legal scrutiny are often not the ones you’d expect.

Naked juice, a major contributor to the college hippie culture and average, busy professional’s success; has come under legal fire. This past week the famous company paid $9Million after a long disputed legal accusation that their drinks, always advertised as “natural”; were in fact laced or had unnatural elements within them. Part of the company’s success comes from their role as a headliner in the going green and organic living movement. Many were disturbed and felt misled by the company, though the contents, with a thorough search, were available. The issue dealt with their personal statements on their beverages that the content was “all natural” lending many to be fooled in a sense.

The FDA regulates these issues, though there are special circumstances as to what constitutes as what in the all-natural and organic market. The definition as to what defines an all-natural product is constantly evolving as new drugs or products enter the market. As of now the USDA classifies all natural, as no flavorings or artificial ingredients, including added moisture. A few of the elements found in Naked, which were not a part of the “all natural” world, were Fibersol, Inulin and modified soy. Although, as stated, the subject of “all natural” can be relative in our FDA market; Naked will indeed no longer use the phrase on their bottles.

As for now the situation has settled but any lawyer in San Antonio advises this is a special case to remember as consumers. Although, no one was injured in this certain case, many false claims can hurt the health of those who purchase products. Shumway Van and Hansen has several attorneys San Antonio can trust, who are highly prepared to pursue this type of legal action. If you have a need of an attorney, contact our office at (210) 503-2800 to schedule a free consultation.

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