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Bankruptcy attorneys on how bankruptcy affects the family.

Though our nation is rapidly recovering from the “great recession”, some families and individuals are still reeling from the financial loss. In addition, new discoveries and technologies, while creating jobs, are also causing companies and organizations to be left behind with nowhere to turn except bankruptcy. Bankruptcy’s negative implications are slowly ceasing, as many are finding that the pros to bankruptcy and retaining a San Antonio attorney, often outweigh the cons. However, with the recession, many who are facing bankruptcy, or those who knows individuals facing bankruptcy are making plans to prepare. Preparation comes with knowing what the most common causes of bankruptcy are and preparing with an able San Antonio attorney who can be relied on.

Obviously, job loss ranks highly as a cause for bankruptcy, especially in households where one sole income is relied on. Many lost their job due to recession and obviously with the fall out of the job market it was difficult for once full time bread winners to find the same salary or full time opportunities. This led many Texas families into the world of bankruptcy, with little choice to weigh any pros or cons, before retaining an attorney in San Antonio.

Perhaps the saddest and most prevalent cause for bankruptcy is the debilitation cost of medical expenses in the face of a debilitation disease or unexpected illness. In recent years, health insurance has become a luxury item for individuals and families rather than a necessity. Many people find just how crippling lack of insurance can be when they face a medical issue that threatens their health. However, even those with healthcare may find that their expenses are only paid up to a certain amount, dismantling the notion that non-insured individuals are the only medical patients affected and in need of a San Antonio lawyer.

American divorces are slowly decreasing, which is good news for the economy. Perhaps the most common reason for bankruptcy in the past was in fact divorce. With how expensive court costs, filing costs and general litigation costs can be in divorce and not to mention alimony and other fees that can be accrued, a legal separation can often leave an individual in the most financially debilitating time of their life.

If you are facing bankruptcy or need general questions asked to determine if you qualify for bankruptcy and need possible representation, contact the San Antonio attorneys at the law firm of Shumway Van at (210) 503-2800. We have a proven track record of working closely and cost effectively with those struggling with all types of bankruptcy. We offer free consultations so that no unnecessary financial obligations are accrued by you during this time. We have experience bankruptcy attorneys who have the direction and legal advice you need to make the right decision.

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