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Bullying issues are escalating sees an Attorney San Antonio trusts.

Bullying has become a major focus within the last few years. Suicide rates of youths have skyrocketed across the nation. Now mothers, officials and even celebrities are making their support known for anti-bullying campaigns across the country. Recently, several actors, including Dash Mihok, a prominent face among some of Hollywood’s most elite films have made their own personal struggles with bullying, known to the public. It’s a move that solidifies for many children, that life can improve when you find those who are understanding and willing to listen. Mihok personally dealt with Tourette’s Syndrome throughout his life and it made it excruciatingly difficult for him to feel confident around others; therefore he made great attempts to hide his condition.

Even the often mocked and ridiculed celebrities from Jersey Shore, known for their violent and often intoxicated outbursts on television, have become supporters of the anti-bullying movement. Often, the result of bullying prompts individuals to seek an attorney San Antonio can trust. This awareness is certainly a step in the right direction according to several mothers and fathers, some who have lost children and some who are experiencing first hand the sight of their child being bullied. Fortunately, psychology and therapy are keeping up with the trend and the more aware parents and administrative staffs are in homes and schools, the less likely it is that a young adult will engage in dangerous activity that’s harmful.

Lawyers San Antonio offers are familiar with these types of situations and personal toll, both physical and mental that these instances can have on a child. Recently, our firm settled a case in Nevada regarding bullying and any attorney San Antonio offers will attest that the issue remains a prominent part of the legal world. Our nation has thankfully drifted from the idea that bullying is a right of passage; unfortunately it came at a high cost for several families and innocent children. If your child has sustained personal injuries in a similar circumstance, contact an attorney San Antonio residents can trust, through our office at (210) 503-2800. We offer free thirty-minute consultations, during which we can assess and assist you in your legal queries.

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