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Cassie Richardson


Primary Office: Salt Lake City

Phone: (801) 478-8080

Ms. Cassie Richardson is our law firm’s Director of Relationships. She is primarily responsible to ensure that internal and external relationships are positive and allow for synergy between our attorneys, staff and third parties to be as optimal as possible. Cassie participates in our firm’s human resources committee and attends many of the community involvement projects and events that we are involved in.

Cassie is also extensively involved in many administrative aspects of our Salt Lake City office. She is in attendance for each new-hire interview and is responsible to make sure that each candidate would be a good fit for our law firm’s culture. Cassie also implements our firm’s policies and procedures and ensures compliance.

In her spare time Cassie enjoys hiking, biking and other outdoor activities. She loves what Utah can provide for these activities and often invites our attorneys and staff along for her adventures.

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