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Celebrating Your Divorce? You May Be if You Hire a Divorce Lawyer Las Vegas Can Count On

January was not just the month to start getting your body back into shape; it was also the month to start getting out of bad relationships. January is known as Divorce Month in the United States because more divorces occur than any other time of the year.

Bad marriages and divorces are stressful and when they are over, it can be a cause for celebration. In fact, divorce parties are becoming another milestone that is being celebrated. But you will not be celebrating if you do not hire one of the good Las Vegas divorce lawyers.

Many people are calling their divorce celebrations “unbridled showers” as a play on the traditional “bridal shower” before a marriage. They say your friends were there before the marriage started and they are there for you after it ends to help you rearrange your half of what is left of the furniture. Hiring a good divorce lawyer Las Vegas residents rely on ensures that you get all you are entitled to in the divorce.

Several celebrities led the way with divorce parties. For some, divorce parties are a way to create closure and for others they are about complaining and retribution, with voodoo dolls of the ex and the likes.

If you are considering getting divorced make sure you contact one of the divorce attorneys at Shumway Van & Hansen.

Shumway Van & Hansen always offers free family law, divorce and custody consultations and often times can schedule an appointment quickly. If you are in a troubling family law situation call us now for immediate assistance.

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