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Civil Rights suits can be difficult says a lawyer Utah trusts

Many people never anticipate going to jail, much less experiencing a civil rights crime within it. These crimes are the hardest to pursue, mainly due in part to the nervousness an individual may have when going against the representatives of law themselves. As the U.S. has evolved, jails, prisons and additional holding facilities have become much more civilized and legally operational. That doesn’t mean that the world of enforcement does not make mistakes, notes many Utah lawyers.

Many remember the news story of Daniel Chong, a college student from San Diego who was thrown into a jail cell and forgotten for close to a week. He was a part of a raid on a home where drugs were thought and found to be present. After being sent to the station he was placed in a cell where he received no visits and was left in utter confusion for the week. During that time he experienced several mental delusions due to hunger and lack of water and his overall sense of abandonment and confusion. Apart from his delusions he also attempted to write an apology to his mother on his arm, with the help of a piece of dirty glass.

When he was finally discovered, he unfortunately was hospitalized for close to another week and to this day still experiences the major signs of PTSD from the incident. He holds no ill will on the matter and states his understanding that it was an accident; an accident that has now revamped the entire daily routine of Drug Enforcement Administration holdings and operations. Apart from technical advances such as cameras located in each room, daily inspections are now thoroughly implemented.

Daniel has since settled with the legal dispute and received $4.1 million; a large sum which will no doubt go in some part to his overall therapy on the matter. “These are rare instances, but they do happen and individuals in enforcement are subject the same legal proceedings that they help enforce,” states Douglas Shumway, a lawyer Utah often relies on for legal counsel. Shumway Van is one of the few law firms in Salt Lake City, Utah who hold Utah lawyers that are experienced in this type of litigation. We offer free consultations so that you can decide if we are the right firm for you.

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