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"Cocktails May Cost You," Says a Lawyer Las Vegas Trusts

With summer in full swing, many hosts are showing their party skills and attempting to trump their neighbors’ past shindigs. Food is a priority but the major staple of most parties is alcohol. There is no surprise that alcohol laws vary from state to state; however, major rules surrounding intoxicating beverages are shared by most. A lawyer Las Vegas citizens rely on for criminal defense work should be aware and up to date on these state specific laws and the consequences that result from breaking them. The circumstances can exist within a grey area, however there are main points to be cautious and aware of if you find yourself the host of a party where alcoholic beverages are being served say lawyers in Las Vegas NV. As a host of a party, if a guest becomes visibly intoxicated while on your property and proceeds to drive home, you may be ultimately responsible for the fines associated with a charge, or perhaps even sentenced to serve jail time. This is a situation that attorneys in Las Vegas have seen increase. Currently, there are multiple laws being readapted to effectively prepare for the legal matters that surround social situations such as these. Michael C. Van, a lawyer Las Vegas can depend on, is aware of these matters and has adequate experience in handling the legal woes that accompany involved parties.

In addition, a guest that endures any injuries associated and deemed as a direct relation to inebriation can in turn blame you for those injuries, which means you are may become ultimately responsible for reimbursement and any pain and suffering that accompanied the injured victim. Attorneys in Las Vegas urge hosts to remember a specific point, as an overseer of any get together, you are the ultimate person to hold responsibility. In order to prevent an unfortunate accident or injury due to inebriation, take the proper steps as a responsible host, encourages a lawyer Las Vegas relies on. Be sure that no minors are receiving alcoholic beverages; as a host, you are within legal reason to request forms of identification towards anyone drinking within your home. Be aware of any odd behavior from any of your guests that indicate they have sampled too much of the punch. Ensure that each intoxicated guest has a designated driver and keep the number for a taxi service handy, says experienced DUI lawyers in Las Vegas. As a last resort, initiate a “taking of keys” from intoxicated guests so that they will have to opt to leave in the morning after their alcohol levels have diminished to give them a more aware and concentrated sense of judgment.

If you find yourself on either side of this social, and legal, faux pas, immediately retain the counsel of a lawyer Las Vegas recommends. The attorneys in Las Vegas at the law firm of Shumway Van & Hansen offer free consultations, in which they can hear your potential case and potentially establish a legal route that best fits your situation. Contact (702) 478-7770 to schedule a consultation with the most efficient and apt lawyer Las Vegas offers.

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