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Construction Attorney in San Antonio Thrilled for Brew Hub to Team Up With Texas For New Locations.

The craft beer movement is creeping its way into America from the coasts. Twenty years ago, small craft breweries could pretty much only be found in the Pacific Northwest or the Colorado Rockies, but the U.S. public’s insatiable taste for beer has prompted microbreweries to spread across the Great Plains, Midwest, and yes, even the Deep South. It will always be Miller Time for someone and for many, Budweiser will satisfy, but the increasing demand for something different in ales and lagers is prompting growth and diversity in the brew industry. One such company, Brew Hub, sees itself in Texas in the near future, with the help of a construction attorney in San Antonio after it opens its doors to its Florida location for a test run, according to this article online.

With a grand opening in Lakeland, Florida set for September, Brew Hub is excited about the possibility of moving into other thirsty markets like Texas. The company “has installed a 100-barrel brewhouse and is now taking its brewing and fermentation equipment for a test drive,” says former Anheuser-Busch executive Tim Schoen. And while admittedly still in the testing phase, Schoen will probably be lining up a construction attorney in San Antonio to get the ball rolling, having already “inked contract brewing agreements with four craft beer companies: Cigar City Brewing, Green Man Brewing, BJ’s Restaurants, and Orange Blossom Pilsner, LLC.”

If anyone knows America’s taste in beer, it should be a former Anheuser-Busch exec, and the plans to start commercially producing beer at Brew Hub should be realized by October, with “plenty of beer” available from partner brewers at the Grand Opening in September. The company had initially projected a June opening for Brew Hub in Lakeland, but experienced delays due to “a function of construction, engineering, and installation taking longer than expected,” something Brew Hub would best avoid by collaborating with a construction attorney in San Antonio like Michael Van for their Texas contract.

But America doesn’t just want to be served beer anymore, we want to know about it; we want to try brewing it ourselves as the trending sales of home-brew kits evidence. With more time on our hands for hobbies than we’ve had in the last hundred years, millions of Americans are brewing their own beer, which in turn makes us more inquisitive about what we buy from the store. Fortunately for its business plan, Brew Hub knows this and is releasing an app that “will allow tasting room visitors to order beer and lookup product information” about the brews being imbibed.

Brew Hub is continuing to do its homework, too, with parts of the app including surveys (where legal) for the company to gather more insight “into the disposition of a craft consumer” visiting their establishment. And fortunately for the Lone Star state, they already know that Texans are a thirsty market. A construction attorney in San Antonio like Van could facilitate the production of more beers with additional contract partners that are to be announced with fewer delays than experienced in Florida.

“I don’t think it’s a secret that those are the priorities right now,” says Schoen of a Texas location. So get ready to drink up, y’all.

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