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Criminal matters should be met with an attorney in Salt Lake City

Police officers in Pittsburgh are encountering some negative publicity following a widely reported incident last November. According to reports, police officers opened fire in abundance on a gentleman; the bullets left him paralyzed. Now the man is claiming damages and suing the police officers involved. The reports indicate that the entire event was rather intense and confusing for all involved. And the victim and plaintiff maintain that his behavior and refusal to stop was based on his belief that he was being unlawfully searched based on racial stereotyping. The officers involved maintain a different view however, and specifically note the plaintiff’s behavior and refusal to cooperate as cause for further action. Mainly, the misunderstanding that the plaintiff held and intended to use a gun perpetuated the event and the police officers pursuit.

This is unfortunately, a very familiar situation over the past few years. As police officers have been in the limelight, the separation between necessary action and unnecessary action has been argued in courts across the nation according to a criminal law attorney Salt Lake City depends on. However, what is most unfortunate is that the line of personal injury may be skewed based on these events. Lawyers in Utah advise to always seek legal counsel in a similar event. While officers enforce our laws they are not exempt from them and attorney notes that these can be difficult cases. While this particular situation is still in the legal process and therefore no claims are adequately made about the outcome, it does show that these situations are present in our society and therefore, are a part of our legal process.

If you feel you have a legal situation, don’t rely on inadequate advice; seek the experienced council of a criminal and civil rights lawyers in Salt Lake City. The Utah lawyers at Shumway Van and Hansen are familiar with these types of legal matters and won’t waste your time with glorified answers and false promises. These are delicate legal issues, which should be handled accordingly. Contact our office at 801.478.8080 for a free consultation with an attorney.

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