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Dangerous Day on I-15 After Multiple Accidents: Utah Accident Lawyers Urge Caution on the Freeway

A five-car accident occurred on Saturday, March 16 along with several other accidents on I-15 between about 8900 South and 11400 South. Utah accident lawyers say this is a good reminder to slow down and be more cautious when traffic is slow or there are other accidents on the road.

The five-car accident occurred at about 9800 South when a car rear-ended another vehicle, which hit a pickup truck that then swerved and hit another car. The truck went through a fence on the right hand side of the road, and it hit a car headed southbound on the frontage road.

After the accidents, traffic was backed up for some time. Two people were injured in the accidents and were transported via ambulance to a local hospital, one was in serious condition and the other was in fair condition.

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