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David G. Gutierrez, Esq.


Licensed in: Texas

Primary Office: San Antonio

Phone: (210) 503-2800

David G. Gutierrez is an attorney at our law firm’s San Antonio, Texas office. David focuses primarily on immigration law, criminal defense, business law, personal injury and family law.

Prior to joining our law firm David was a Texas prosecutor and is highly experienced in matters having to do with criminal law, court proceedings, litigation, and being in the courtroom. During this time, David was also able to learn the ins and outs of a Texas county prosecution division, which gives him valuable knowledge and experience on how to defend against prosecution tactics. This knowledge can make a world of difference when dealing with criminal charges.

David graduated from St. Mary’s School of Law in San Antonio. While in law school, David managed cases for the Center for Legal and Social Justice as a student attorney for the immigration law division. David was able to advocate for low-income clients who were not able to afford private attorneys. David was also able to manage immigration matters for the Center’s clients, such as U-Visa petitions and DACA applications. Additionally, while at the Center, David was involved in several weekend clinics where the Center acted as a free legal fair for persons to walk in and work out their immigration issues. This experience allowed David to get involved with many different types of immigration cases and help many people in the community. The time at the Center has also given David a web of contacts with the immigration legal field, including other immigration attorneys, professors, and immigration law staff, who act as a great source of knowledge and support for the projects David works on.

Prior to law school, David earned a Master of Science in Business Degree (MBA) from Texas A & M International University, with a focus on International Banking. David’s knowledge of the banking and financial industries are invaluable for helping Shumway Van’s clients see the bigger picture with their claims and helps them steer their financial lives in a positive direction.

While earning his MBA, David worked for nearly five years in the banking industry as a lending officer. During this time David was able to manage a multi-million dollar portfolio of business and personal loans. This experience has taught David the importance of balancing management skills with people skills so that the client always receives the best possible product.

Prior to joining the banking field, David earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Degree (BBA) from the University of Texas at San Antonio, with a focus in finance. This was the start of David’s burgeoning career in banking and the law. This experience has taught David how the law and finance can go hand-in-hand when handling cases for clients and how to keep his work efficient so as the client always gets exceptional work product for their hard-earned money.

In his spare time David enjoys running, soccer, the NBA (#gospursgo), cooking, and going to the cinema.

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