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"Death Doesn't take a Holiday" advises lawyers in San Antonio.

Perhaps, one of the most difficult things to go through in life is the death of a loved one. There’s even a myth about it, “Whomever is the first to fall asleep on the wedding night, is the first to do”. It’s childish of course, and is only indicative on one true fact,, as much as we deny it, death is inevitable. Yes, the reality that after matrimony, one day your spouse will pass away is almost unbearable even in theory. The loss of a parent can leave a void just as much and during this time it’s difficult to mourn properly because many are faced with crippling financial and burial decisions say many lawyers in San Antonio.

Recently, a large city in Arizona felt this loss in an odd and much grander scale. The cremations of close to 100 unclaimed bodies were buried in one lone casket. This was done for several reasons, but the main one remained that some families were simply not able to afford the high cost of burial. Some were older family members who spent a fortune on medical costs prior to he unfortunate death and some were simply friends who could not help their deceased comrades due to lack of guardianship or last will arrangements. While the ceremony remained one of reverence and respect, the entire matter brings to light the seriousness of life decisions and last wills. Attorneys in San Antonio warn that this is not an unusual circumstance, as the cost of living rises, so therefore, does the cost of dying.While the average person doesn’t think about death on a day to day basis, the unfortunate truth is that it is something we will all one day meet. Just as we prepare for the birth of a new baby, so should one prepare for the passing of life.

While the subject may seem a bit morbid to the young, it’s a decision that can ensure the safety, both financially and physically of your loved ones after your death. It seems ironic that birth, marriage and death remain the most expensive parts of our culture (especially when two are optional). However, it is an ardent and pressing matter whether one thinks about it or not. With the help of an experienced lawyer in San Antonio, the difficult decisions can be less burdensome and the legal route towards your family’s financial independence can be attained with the right guidance. If you have questions regarding the legal matters for your will and/or estate, contact our office for a free consultation at (210) 503-2800.

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