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Discrimination takes many forms say lawyers in San Antonio.

Service dogs are a small part of our society, but they make a big impact in the lives of those they serve. Service dogs can mean the difference between an active life and a limited life for many handicapped individuals say lawyers in San Antonio. They serve multiple purposes for several individuals who suffer from diabetes, epilepsy, and of course, blindness. A recent news story broke describing how non-handicapped individuals are causing the dilapidation of reputable service animals, by falsely labeling their own animals as service dogs so that they can take them into public places. It causes a problem for those who suffer such handicaps and need their service animals with them at all times. Unfortunately, our country still has problems when allocating the appropriate acceptance toward service dogs.

With situations such as allergies and nervousness around dogs, several incidents arise within school and other public places. While some of these are understandable, others are not, according to San Antonio lawyers. One man recently encountered what he feels was maltreatment when he was asked to leave a US Airways Express flight. This not only upset the gentleman but also upset several other passengers who quickly stood up for the man. According to reports, the long wait on the tarmac prompted the service dog to become slightly stressed. The attendants on board requested that the dog be put under the adjacent seat before takeoff. This caused some issues, which resulted in the gentleman and the dog being asked to leave the plan, that’s when the protests from other passengers began. An investigation will go into exactly how the situation was handled by the gentleman and the employees of the airline.

Those with service animals have certain rights when operating in the world and there are several laws that protest individuals from discrimination based on what they cannot control. Any law firm San Antonio offers would note that although this is a difficult issue, it’s one that will no doubt make an impact on how those laws are looked at. If you have a similar situation or feel that you have been discriminated against, contact our lawyer in San Antonio for a free consultation. Our attorneys are familiar with the issues surrounding these legal incidents and are eager to help those who have faced an injustice.

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