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Divorce Lawyer in Las Vegas Notes Divorce Similarities

Bruce and Kris Jenner’s divorce drama is living up to the Kardashian claim on media mania. Their public feuds are not the prominent subject however, it’s their public statements which reveal very personal and disturbing marital secrets and behavior. Both have blamed themselves in part for the separation but the family confessions have left audiences in an awkward and voyeuristic situation.

Apparently, it’s been the season for relational drama and shutdowns, not including the Government. Marriages are falling for divorce, speculation and awkward side hugs and body language at every red carpet turn. Recently, the rock solid union known as Tim Burton and Helena Bonham Carter came into question when Tim Burton was seen engaging in PDA with an unknown source. Any divorce lawyer Las Vegas offers isn’t surprised by celebrity divorces and issues. As any lawyer Las Vegas offers notes, celebrity divorces are under just as much pressure as an average divorce.

While money may not be the prime reason for public splits, as it often is in average marriages, adultery and domestic issues, such as abuse are often to blame. In fact, Heidi Klum noted her famous ex-husband, Seal, as having an outrageous temper that she could no longer tolerate. Seal in turn blamed their marital demise on her infidelity with a family friend and employee. Family therapists note that average divorces experience the same public issues, just without the platform. As individuals reel from the dilapidated marriage, they cling to the confessions and advice from others as a form of confidence that they made the right choice. It’s a natural inclination, but it can be disastrous during the divorce process say many studies.

Any divorce lawyer in Las Vegas understands that regardless of the celebrity status, divorce is a complicated and emotional issues that deserves delicacy and determination. If you are contemplating issues surrounding a divorce, contact our team of lawyers Las Vegas trusts. While an attorney certainly cannot take away the pain of a divorce, they can eliminate the stress and worry of deadlines and distractions that keep you from focusing on you and your family during such a difficult time.

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