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Don’t meet a merger without a lawyer Utah businesses can work with.

In February of this year, American Airlines and US Airways announced their plans to join together in an $11 billion merger. The discussions between shareholders, creditors and employees resulted in a 72 percent and 28 percent split in the profits of the overall revenue created by the U.S.’s now largest national airline. There were a few bumps in the merging ride when customers complained of their information being lost and reservations being cancelled without their consent during the colossal joining. As with any business venture the pros and cons must be carefully weighed and sometimes the cons creep up in places you wouldn’t expect. That’s why its important to retain a lawyer Utah residents can trust.

While mergers such as these may not happen on Utah soil; local mergers and acquisitions, no matter how large or small, occur everyday in the rapidly expanding Salt Lake City area and surrounding areas as well. With a skilled and apt Utah attorney you can make your merger as successful and lucrative as possible for your future. Although a merger may sound as simple as pulling two companies together; the truth of the matter is that the paperwork and documentation requires a keen lawyer’s eye in order to ensure that the appropriate procedures are put into affect to ensure that the merger is correctly put into place. When merging a part of a corporation into another corporation or separating divisions in the company, it is important to remember that unexpected instances may occur.

For example, when merging a company such factors such as employee lay offs may come into effect. As a company joins with another company, the tendency to become larger or smaller is on an equal playing field. However, more often than not individuals seek the benefits of a merger, which offer a wide and varying set of ways for a business to excel. Creating a merger with a separate company allows a chance for both companies to acquire the skills they currently lack. In addition, taking a separate company out of the market by combining them, reduces the risk of competition from them in the future and instead let’s both companies focus on driving their team forward together rather than working in the market against each other. With mergers, two separate entities with separate connections and power players, creates a unique opportunity for two mediocre companies to become one excellent company with combined visions and opportunities.

Shumway Van and Hansen Utah attorneys are experienced in mergers and acquisitions and would be glad to help you negotiate or plan your new business endeavor. Call our office in Salt Lake City for a free consultation today at (801) 478-8080 or stop by 8 E 300 S #550, Salt Lake City, UT 84111.

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