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Don’t be ‘Sleepless in Salt Lake’ Warns Utah Car Accident Lawyer

Drowsy driving can be deadly. With the holiday approaching and travel on the rise, now is a perfect reminder that driving while sleepy is dangerous for yourself and others. Utah accident lawyers remind drivers to know the signs when you are too tired to drive and to get off the road.

Recent studies have shown that a drowsy driver is involved in 16.5 percent of fatal crashes. Younger drivers are more likely than older drivers to drive while drowsy, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study found.

Drowsy driving often occurs from midnight to 6 a.m. when the driver would normally be sleeping. However, it also frequently occurs in the afternoon lull between 1 and 5 p.m.

Several body language cues that you might be too tired to drive safely include:

  • Head bobbing

  • Trouble keeping your eyes open

  • Distracted thoughts

  • Yawning frequently

  • Rubbing your eyes

  • Restlessness

  • Missing your exit

  • Swerving or hitting the rumble strips

Utah accident lawyers say, if you are going to take a road trip, make sure you are not driving while tired. To help avoid drowsy driving, get enough sleep before a trip. It also helps to travel at times when you are normally awake and schedule stops to let you stretch and refresh your body. Another person awake in the car can help keep you awake or watch for signs that you may be too tired.

If you are tired, you can always pull over to a rest area for a quick break or nap. However, if you are too tired, pull over and get some sleep or check in to a hotel until you can safely continue driving. Kristina B. Otterstrom, an injury attorney, reminds that you do not want to endanger your life or the lives of those driving around you.

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