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Drug Abuse Can Complicate Divorce Says Attorneys in Las Vegas

Hollywood can be quite the rumor machine. With enough manpower and paparazzi you’d think they’d get each story pretty close to perfectly right, but sometimes the truth doesn’t sell and therefore they resort to the money shots and the rumor mill to bring in readers and hefty change purses. This is exactly the case for the recently separated Khloe and Lamar Odom. Khloe Kardashian’s quick marriage to the basketball star wasn’t a surprise to many, including divorce lawyers in Las Vegas. As a staple city of wedding bells and wedding hells, attorneys in Las Vegas know the routine that befalls many high profile marriages.

While Khloe and Lamar may be different from the average American marriage, they share some qualities. According to several studies, drug and alcohol abuse can be a prime reason for a separation. That’s what many are reporting rather factually, occurred in the famous Odom marriage. Many are surprised by this, especially since the tabloids noted, lack of offspring, cheating and money trouble as the primary cause of their impending split.

Apart from the reason for divorce, drug and alcohol abuse can be a problematic theme in child custody. According to attorney Mike Van, as nasty as some divorce proceeding can become, the court will always keep the best interest of a child as the main goal.

The Kardashian socialite and high profile basketball star have no children -–a point that many are associating with his drug abuse—which means that if a divorce is pursued then the process may be rather simple. In addition, a pre-nup will be in the legal favor preventing any unnecessary financial fights.

Any Las Vegas divorce lawyer will attest that even with a pre-nuptial agreement, custody situations can be stressful, especially if a key reason for divorce stems from drug related abuse. If you have a similar family situation, it’s important to retain counsel. Anyone who has attempted the divorce process alone knows that unexpected incidents can make or break the financial future of someone who knows that divorce is the only option. Our Las Vegas attorneys offer free consultations to ensure that we gain your trust and confidence before any monetary exchange. Contact our offices at (702) 478-7770 to schedule a consultation at a convenient time for you.

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