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Drunk Drivers Beware this Halloween, Warn Salt Lake City Law Firms

The Utah Highway Patrol has a new mobile unit to help with DUI enforcement. The outside of the truck is wrapped with a life size picture of four police officers in place of bartenders. Words at the top of the truck say, “Now serving drunk drivers,” – but they are definitely not serving drinks. If you get served by this truck, contact Salt Lake City law firms for help.

The inside of the truck is a DUI testing center supreme. It is equipped with breath testers and cameras to record the tests in case questions arise in court. The truck is a good way to help get the word out that driving under the influence will not be tolerated, especially during the holiday.

Halloween is a dangerous holiday with lots of kids on the roads trick-or-treating, and officers want to make sure the kids are safe. That is why they are bringing out the mobile DUI truck and having 150 extra enforcement shifts. Utah injury attorney Kristina B. Otterstrom reminds everyone to not drink and drive, particularly during the holiday.

Pictures of the outside and inside of the truck are on the Salt Lake Tribune website. You can avoid seeing the inside of the truck in person by planning ahead and designating a driver or having a taxi number ready for after your Halloween party.

Let’s make this holiday a safe one for our kids by not drinking and driving. If a drunk driver has injured you or a loved one, contact a Utah injury attorney for help.

Shumway Van & Hansen always offers free consultations and often times can schedule an appointment within 24 hours. If you are ticketed this Halloween call us at (801) 478-8080, or stop by our offices in Salt Lake City which are located at 8 East Broadway, Suite 550, Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 and we will see if our law firm can help.

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