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"Educators Are Not Exempt From The Law," Says a San Antonio Attorney.

With many children going back to school this week, the last thing that a parent wants to hear is the negative side of educators and education. Suffice to say that the past two years have held some troubling and depressing news stories, mostly related to schools. While these instances were the result of outsiders, what’s more troubling recently, is the danger that may result from within. A Texas educator who taught in San Antonio has been let go from the school after she suggested and orchestrated retaliation for a school bully. While many would disagree that this story amounts to danger, it is a blunt wake-up call to how teachers can influence a classroom. This retaliation meant lining up several other students and punching him one by one. Needless, to say any San Antonio attorney and Texas citizen was shocked to hear of the pugilistic punishment.

Apparently, according to the teacher, this was meant to demonstrate just how painful and humiliating being bullied could be. The incident was only reported two weeks after it took place, due to a teacher who saw it unfold. The children were only six, and while they all punched the boy, they later made statements that they didn’t necessarily want to; they were simply following orders. Contrasting with many parents who plan to turn this into the K-5 Nuremberg trials and touting the educator as a ruler wielding Hitler, other parents seem to be at a crossroads with the situation. According to several reports done over the last few years, bullying is a major cause for child depression and school related violence, a fact that is backed up by any San Antonio lawyer, who states that it remains a legal problem. While teachers are usually restricted by what they can and cannot do, many simply state that perhaps the teacher felt that by taking this action, she could get the bullying to immediately stop. It sounds good in theory, if that theory is set in the 1800s in a one room wooden shack, but parents today know that actions such as these are never the answer, regardless of whether one thought it was right or wrong on a personal level.

In further demonstration with the recent cultural change that all children are amazing winners, the mother of the supposed bully stated that she had never been informed of his behavior or reputation as the young Biff from Back to the Future. This could cause even more problems for the recently fired educator as plans are discussed to proceed with criminal charges. A criminal lawyer in San Antonio knows that these cases are delicate and must be handled effectively. If you have a similar situation or need representation contact our office for a free consultation at (210) 503-2800, with a San Antonio Attorney.

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