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"Elderly Care Facilities Warrant Scrutiny," Say Attorneys in Las Vegas

Perhaps the most stressful situation that a son or daughter of an elderly person can face, is how to best take care of them in their old age. Las Vegas residents, especially those with elderly parents, were shocked at the recent news that a group home patient, was neglected by a manager. Attorneys in Las Vegas note that nursing facilities have been a breeding ground for crime because it deals with a victim who is, in most circumstances, very helpless.

As much as many would like to believe their parents are safe and capable on their own, the truth is that old age creates dependency in many aspects. As a nation, we have made strides to ensure our elderly population is well taken care of, but just as with any other venture, the morality and promises of individuals inside those homes don’t always match up with our expectations. The late seventies and early eighties introduced to Americans, through the media, the dangers of certain mental health and elderly facilities. Since that time, many precautions are now taken to ensure safety of these areas but Las Vegas’s recent story especially, so close to home, has shaken many.According to reports, the elderly person was not taken care of in the fashion that was arranged and put into what was described as a “dangerous situation”. The manager, who now faces several hours of community service, fines and jail time, was not a legally noticed caregiver of such a facility and of these specific kinds of patients.

This has been a depressing wake up call for many in the area who are seeking or who have sought a location for their elderly parents. Attorneys in Las Vegas know that nothing creates more emotion than a legal situation that regards your family. While these may seem complicated and let’s face it, stressful, retaining lawyers Las Vegas can depend on, and who are familiar with the judicial system in relation to this context, can relieve many worries. If you have a similar legal situation and need assistance regarding your options and the safety or restitution of your kin, contact us for a free consultation. Our lawyers in Las Vegas, NV are eager to help you.

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