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Even in "minor" situations, seek a lawyer San Antonio trusts.

Any lawyer San Antonio offers, knows sports may sometimes bring out the worst in people on some occasions. Those occasions seem to be much more frequent as of late, in our society. Not only does the passionate bickering exist in the high profile college arenas, but on the high school fields as well.

Recently, what was meant to be a welcoming Whataburger accommodation for two opposing football teams, turned into a dramatic and wasteful display of a food fight. The opposing schools unleashed an array of burgers and fries on each other, but the objects didn’t stop at food. Trays, the sturdy plastic kind, were also thrown about in the dining area of the restaurant. Since the incident, Whataburger officials say they will not be pressing charges, a statement that made each embarrassed parent heave a sigh of relief no doubt.

While the students may not face any criminal charges, school officials have made it clear that the students involved will see quite the disciplinary action within the school walls. If criminal charges are deemed appropriate at a later time by the restaurant school officials have let it known that they will cooperate and help in any way possible.

San Antonio lawyers note that while these situations seem like a small part of growing up etc., it could spell disaster if someone was injured during such an incident. Any San Antonio lawyers is well aware of what can occur at restaurants when situations get out of hand. Additionally, other patrons may have been inadvertently injured on site, meaning the restaurant could have possibly gained legal trouble.

Thankfully, this was a situation that involved no major injuries or criminal charges, but attorneys note again, this isn’t always the case. In the event of such a situation charges can be pressed and it’s wise to retain an attorney, even for a minor, to handle these proceedings. If you have a legal question about this sort of situation contact (210) 503-2800 to speak with a San Antonio attorney.

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