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For Better or for Worse: Salt Lake City Immigration Attorney Discusses Online Proxy Marriages

Dearly beloved, we are gathered… at different locations via Internet technology.

You may now virtually kiss the bride.

Online dating just got taken to the next level with online proxy marriage ceremonies. Gregory B. Lyle, an immigration attorney Salt Lake City residents trust, talks about some of the legal immigration effects these proxy marriages can have.

Many proxy marriages that take place are for military personnel; however, a lot of proxy marriages are for people who met over the Internet. Internet video chat services like Skype, FaceTime, and Google Chat now make communicating over long distances possible, and are making international marriages much more common.

Proxy ceremonies, where the bride and groom are not physically in the same location, are raising some legal questions.

First off, for a legal marriage, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) relies on both U.S. law and the official documents issued by the state or country where the marriage took place.

USCIS is watchful of fraudulent marriages just for legal citizenship status, so make sure you do things correctly and fill out the necessary paperwork if you have an international or proxy marriage. A Salt Lake City immigration attorney can help you prepare the documents you need to do things legally.

A proxy marriage must also comply with state law. In some states only one party needs to be present and the other can be there via proxy, while other states allow for double proxy, where neither party needs to be present.

If you are considering a proxy marriage, make sure you comply with the state and federal laws before you proceed. An immigration attorney Salt Lake City fiancés can rely on can help you get your documents in order so you can start your happily ever after.

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