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For Those Who Don't Know How to Keep a Low Profile, Finding an Attorney in Las Vegas Becomes a M

They haven’t nicknamed it “Sin City” for nothing. Every year, mundane tourists and upstanding family-valuing citizens are transformed into partiers on the Las Vegas strip and in throughout its garish downtown temptations. And every once in a while, someone important or famous gets caught doing something they shouldn’t have done. Not to the surprise of the public of course, and often not to the surprise of the celebrity’s friends and family, but strangely enough, these arrests and the need to hire a an attorney in Las Vegas catches these bad boys completely off guard.

You’d think when you’re the one getting in trouble, you’d be able to see it coming. After all, you’re the one making the decisions to break the law. In the case of Jarret Stoll, the center for the hockey team the LA Kings, he feels like he was the last one to know that he’d be booked into the Clark County Detention Center on a felony drug charge after being in possession of cocaine at the MGM Grand Hotel’s Wet Republic pool complex.

Stoll’s attorney in Las Vegas is, as a Las Vegas lawyer does, keeping it simple, and keeping it classy. Handling the situation with poise, he reported to the press his pleasure at “assisting a fine athlete and gentlemen” and plans to “investigate the allegations fully,” while asking “everyone not to prejudge the circumstances” since Stoll’s career could be on the line.

And he’d fall pretty far, too, having come such a long way from a modest upbringing in Saskatchewan, Canada. Stoll is dating the beautifully successful Erin Andrews, the “Dancing with the Stars” co-host and Fox Sports reader. Stoll’s arrest made it pretty clear to him that he’s got a lot to lose.

And he’s not alone. Anyone who visits the area and gets into trouble has to keep in mind the potential legal ramifications of their actions. Financially, an attorney in Las Vegas—a good one—isn’t on retainer for $30. But if you can plan to spend cash on gambling, it would be wise set a little a side for “emergencies.” And if worse comes to worst, you’ll have to travel back to Las Vegas to appear in court, as Stoll will be doing within the next several weeks to answer for his charges with his attorney by his side.

But pretty much everyone else who’s not so high profile as a play in the National Hockey League will lack their own ready-made, pre-picked attorney in Las Vegas handy, so it’s never a bad idea for tourists and visitors to the area to do a little research and even have a list ready before flying in to the city full of oh-so-tempting-but-illegal offerings. Being proactive lets you avoid having to randomly choose a Joe Schmoe from the yellow pages when you’re allowed your phone call at Clark County Detention Center should your worst-case scenario play out before your eyes.

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