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Handle Divorce with a Lawyer San Antonio Trusts.

George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the Trayvon Martin case sent shockwaves through our nation, with riots occurring on the streets and even more social protests occurring online. Even the most experienced San Antonio lawyer was keen to know the outcome of the pivotal trial. Zimmerman stated in the days following his acquittal that he feared for his life and will forever have to watch his back. As media coverage died down, his time in the spotlight and his legal troubles seemed to dissipate. Now, Zimmerman is seeing even more legal trouble in relation to the demise of his marriage. George Zimmerman’s wife is seeking divorce, though the couple have been living mostly as a separate couple for some time. His estranged wife is asking, legally, that he pay for a life insurance policy.

She of course would be the beneficiary in the event. According to her, she states that Zimmerman has the means and ability to pay those premiums. In addition, she is asking for custody of their two dogs. Any lawyer San Antonio offers, who is familiar with divorce proceedings, will attest that this will indeed be a unique divorce case. As most readers know, Zimmerman has filed a defamation lawsuit against a major network, though the details have not been stated. Therefore, his estranged wife wants half of those winnings, if he indeed wins. The now estranged wife of George Zimmerman, has come out publicly regarding their relationship and the peculiarity at the beginning of the Trayvon trial. There have been headlines that bring attention back to the Trayvon Martin case and have in affect, caused many to side with her.

Regardless of the outcome, attorneys in San Antonio TX state this is a complicated matter, especially when an outcome deals with potential earning from a lawsuit or other financial reward. While, as stated, this is an obviously high profile case, it isn’t unlike the situations that many divorce seekers encounter. Situations such as these arise in the most common and uncontested divorces, which means the advise of an experienced lawyer San Antonio provides, means all the difference in the outcome. If you need representation for a divorce, contact our office at (210) 503-2800, for a free consultation.

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