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Handle Financial Woes With a Divorce Attorney Las Vegas Trusts

Divorce is still a major part of our society and recently it’s been a major part of our news programming. With George Zimmerman’s wife making public statements about their increasingly messy divorce proceedings, and Lamar Odom and Khloe Kardashian struggling to find their marital future footing, it’s plain to see that divorce can be complicated. More than complicated, divorce can be expensive. Ironically, most often the cause for divorce, besides infidelity, is an issue with financial problems. Any divorce attorney Las Vegas offers will attest to the fact that several divorces are caused and often prevented by the financial issues within the marriage. Financial trouble leads people who are already in a financial bind to resist a choice that might make their life simpler. Many people simply live a life in limbo to avoid irrevocable financial damage from a divorce. As most lawyers Las Vegas Nevada know, handling divorce on one’s own is perhaps the best way to lose money. While a divorce attorney does cost something, there are law firms in Vegas who are willing to work with those in order to get them to a safer and more emotionally stable point in their life, Shumway Van and Hansen included.

This financial burden in the face of divorce has been displayed recently in the media by a major shareholder of Best Buy. Though the gentleman Hubert Joly has made a great living off ofthis unlikely investment, he is now devoting most of the reward from his efforts to his divorce, close to $10Million. Unfortunately this is not a unique story, as any Las Vegas divorce attorney will tell you. Across the country, and especially as woman gain ground in the work force, the complications with divorce settlements and negotiations cause major issues in separations. Vegas divorce attorneys note that mediation is a positive and objective option when trying to decide the stipulations of each divorce. At Shumway Van and Hansen, we offer thirty-minute consultations to ensure that your legal road and questions are first met with honest answers. If you have a legal need regarding you divorce contact 1 (800) 868-1341. As disappointing as a divorce can be, in many cases it may exist as the only plausible step toward a healthier life. Most often, especially when children are present, a separation is simply the only option to ensure the well being of the family structure as best as possible.

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