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Handle those unusual legal issues with an Attorney San Antonio trusts.

Most legal cases involving a dog, revolve around the dog’s teeth and a puncture wound. However, recently, a dog was the victim of a human attack. A stray puppy that wondered into the yard of a Dallas woman is slowly coming back to health after being beaten with a stick by a teenager in the area. The teenager punctured the dog’s eye, which then had to be removed. Currently, the dog is awaiting adoption, but with the attention the little guy has received many believe it will only be a short matter of time before he is welcomed into a new home.

Regarding the teenager who punctured the dog; many want to see him behind bars. While this is obviously an odd case, especially since there are currently no leads, many, including the woman who saw the incident occur, agree that a penalty should match the crime. As stated, this is a peculiar case, especially since this is the definition of a turning of tides. Attorneys note that lack of leads and without a clearly noted lawyer, the incident may see a few processional potholes as it goes through the legal system.

Hopefully, the incident will see an amount of justice; justice that unfortunately the stray dog will only see through one eye. Any attorney San Antonio offers knows that even what appears to be the most simple of cases are most often very near to the heart. “Emotion on the part of the client can be motivation in pursuit of justice and that’s fine,” says Douglas Shumway, a lawyer in San Antonio, who adds “part of an attorney’s job is to help the process along by being objective.

If you have a legal issue in which you have unanswered questions, feel free to contact our office at (210) 503-2800. We offer free thirty-minute consultations in which we can answer those questions in a laid back and professional atmosphere.

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